Hindu women have displayed their brilliance in different spheres of life, from the Vedic ages to the present times. They have been respected in many ways in our culture. Hindu women comprise approximately 50% of the global Hindu population, and are playing an increasingly important role around the globe in many important fields ranging from business and science to politics and culture. Although not heavily mentioned in history textbooks or the popular discourse, Hindu women have played a pivotal role in sustaining Hindu Dharma.

Hindu Women Conference 2023

The Hindu Women Forum organized the "Hindu Women Conference" as part of World Hindu Congress (WHC) held in Bangkok, Thailand from November 24-26, 2023.

The conference's primary focus was developing strategies and initiatives that empowered Hindu women. It aimed to equip them with critical experience across various spheres, including campuses, workplaces, the social and political landscape, and within their communities and homes. This preparation aimed to position them for future leadership roles crucial to the Hindu resurgence and the overall progress of Hindu society.


Hindu Women Conference @ WHC 2023
Event: Hindu Women Conference at WHC 2023@Bangkok Date: 24,25,26 November, 2023 Location: Bangkok, Thailand. Theme: Jayasya Aayatnam Dharma, meaning "Dharma, the Abode of Victory"

Hindu Women Conference @ WHC 2018
Event: Hindu Women Conference at WHC 2018@Chicago Date: 7,8,9 September, 2018 Location: Chicago, USA Venue: Hotel Westin, 70 Yorktown Shopping Center, Lombard, IL-60148, USA Theme: Sumantrite, Sumvikrante (Think Collectively, Achieve Valiantly)

Hindu Women Conference @ WHC 2014
Hindu Women Forum organized “Hindu Women Conference” from 21st to 23rd November 2014 in Delhi. It was held as part of First World Hindu Congress (WHC) with the theme “Women at the Highest Position of Society”.